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by in Weekly Update on 2014-04-16 13:04 (#13D)

Thanks Bryan! Please don't take my comment as any kind of derision or pro-soylent/anti-pipe kind of trolling comment. I have particular interest in seeing slash rewritten using newer tech, a rewrite that stays true to the original discussion forum, which is why I am interested in pipedot (along with the fact that I have lower uid here :p). But I will ask one question: as I understand you are funding the website from your own. But as the website grows pipedot is bound to run into monetization. This way or the other we will have to have large (enough) audience for that to be possible. What are your thoughts about that?

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by in Weekly Update on 2014-04-16 12:59 (#13C)

Well, I am still visiting pipedot regularly so, I don't know about what sour grapes. I am a C++ guy so it is not like I will be contributing a lot of the project. But again, there will be a need to fund the website and for that a critical mass needs to be achieved. That is what I was worrying about.

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by in Weekly Update on 2014-04-16 12:55 (#13B)

That is a good point.

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by in Weekly Update on 2014-04-15 06:02 (#12J)

I offered to contribute to the codebase, but haven't got any reply so far. I am assuming it is a pet project of bryan. I still open pipedot every once in two days but I don't see any urgency to get this site into a sustainable form - there is no effort in building community, no effort in drawing-in new visitors and as a news website there is hardly any news or comments. Most people have moved on to SN as of now.

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by in Teen Girls Face Charges After Beating Video Shared Online on 2014-04-02 07:19 (#Y0)

I find that a broader point about what is feminism - is it a philosophy/way of life, or a result of your genital organs/hormonal differences - is generally missing in these types of discussion. I have found out that a good way to tackle this problem is to understand that feminism (today) is a collection of competing ideologies that sprung up from women suffrage and its precursors.

For example, the identity of men is derived from a lot of... "tropes", shall I say. For example, office politics is said to be a "men's game", often by men. They will ask a phd student to "man up" and accept loss when his professor steals his work. Often it will be women saying "it is a man's world" when they see shitty country level politics. Thus, you get both men and women referring to politicking as a masculine trait. This is gender bias without a doubt, with 'feminism' being defined as a philosophical difference. "An employee is the boss' bitch and the manager is 'The Man'".

Then we have "sexism" where women are considered poor at maths, lack voting rights because 'they are prone to mood swings and irrational behavior', and until very recently lacked the rights to fight for their country because 'they are physically weaker'. Now, women in general ARE physically weaker, but it cannot be a basis for discrimination because of a lot of men are a lot weaker!

The feminist friend of GP was referring to the first type of discrimination. Look here for a TED talk by Tony Porter about it. It is not about 'expecting more' from both men and women, it is about removing this idea that 'delivering less' is girly (which GP possesses, sorry dude!). It is important to accept that a lot of boys DO get beaten up and that there shouldn't be a shame in getting beaten up by girls, there should be pride in standing up to a bully and shame in being the person who beats. Asking a parent/police to intervene shouldn't be talked about as being 'bitchy' and 'complaining like a girl'. That IS the right form of protest.

If you think about it, the philosophical difference is being called 'feminism' purely because your choice of words. If we didn't call politicking a "man's game", we wouldn't be fighting based on sex but we would be fighting over our collective worker's right.

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Hindi: " "

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by in Science TV Series Cosmos to Reboot on 2014-03-10 04:45 (#C0)

I don't know if he was a good scientist, but I know his reputation wasn't because of his research. He was a good teacher though, and Cosmos series and his books inspired a great many.

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As I understand, the articles are limited by submission, unfortunately :(

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Not karma whoring - mark as funny.

Btw, modding is very intuitive and great here. Love it.

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Same here. Someone mod me up :)

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by in Pipedot Status Week 1 on 2014-03-03 07:12 (#8Y)

AND... AND... AND... How about an edit button that works for 5 seconds etc.? Not necessary though, since I don't know what effect it will have on community building.

Code to pipedot (Score: 2, Interesting)

by in Pipedot Status Week 1 on 2014-03-03 07:10 (#8X)


Is there a place where you are storing the code? Is there a way I can contribute?

Could you please provide a list of features that are coming? For example, karma system, user profile, friending etc.

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by in Soylent News has launched! on 2014-02-17 12:17 (#V)

I am not sure if it has far more users. I just created accounts on both and my id is 77 (or something) here and 33 there. Also, Pipedot doesn't try to gouge my eyes out. That said, both the websites need more work, but soylentnews looks more complete.